Energy Clearing 

A healthy environment is vital for your health, economy, relationships, creativity and for all aspects of your life.

Sacred Plants & Elements

In Your Smudge Stick


Sacred plant, powerful clearing and releasing of toxic energies, entities and low vibrations, purification, calming and relaxing, restores your aura and chakras, healing, spiritual connection.


Sacred plant of protection, magic, healing, good memory, purification, blessings.


Flower that comes from higher dimensions, one of the highest vibrations flowers on the planet, unconditional love, protection, harmony, beauty, elegance, angelic connection, peace, miracles, mystic connection.

The Smudge is Activated with:

Sacred Geometry, Crystals, Intentions & Divine Messages, High Vibration Sound, Energy from Lake & Mountain.


Before Starting Your Energy Clearing

  • Choose a quiet moment without distractions, preferable with no one around  

  • It is suggested to light a candle 

  • Even if the Smudge Stick is activated with intentions, you can write your own intentions as well 

  • Listen to your intuition, pay attention to the thoughts that come to you during the energy clearing

  • Listen to the guided meditation 

  • Close the windows before starting 

  • The smudge must be completely dry

  • Light the tip of the smudge and blow into it, to make smoke

  • Burn again as necessary to maintain the smoke going

  • Start filling with smoke every space and corner of your space

  • Keep the windows closed during the process and leave them closed after you are done for 15 minutes

  • Open the windows

  • Normally, a smudge doesn't end in one use, you can use it again for the next time

  • To put it out, the easiest way is to place the burned tip on earth


Energy Clearing
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