Harmonize the Energy of Your Space!

Can't sleep at night, money or work not flowing, a nagging symptom, constant arguing?

An energy in your home or business can be affecting you. It's common that toxic energies that get stagnant in spaces can cause dysfunctions in different areas of your life.

Portals, ghosts, negative thought forms

When an energy gets stuck in a space, energy portals can open the access of toxic energies. These energies can be different types of ghosts or energetic bugs that get stuck and feed from the energy of the inhabitants causing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dysfunctions.

Money blockages, not being able to rest or sleep, negative thought forms that keep you from moving forward, back pains, headaches, nagging colds, attitude or behavior problems, not being able to generate income or find a job, are common symptoms of a location with toxic energy.

Start with clearing and organizing

Here are some basic tips to move the stagnant energy:

  • Let go of everything that is not working, not in use, occupying space or blocking the way. Give away, donate or trash.

  • Clean thoroughly your space. Floor, walls, windows, cobwebs, dust corners.

  • Organize by categories: colors, stations, sizes, types.

  • Add beauty: use natural plants, colors, inspiring art.

  • Use incense and high vibration music.

To unblock the energy, harmonize and activate the new energy, book a session:

Harmonize your Space.

Leticia Martinez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Wellness Coach

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