Everything is a Reflection!

What you see in front of you is what is inside of you.

If your life is in harmony, you are happy, have inspiration and creativity, your relationships of love, with your family, friends or work are offering love, comprehension, wisdom, prosperity as well as you offering the same to them, Congratulations!!

If something is not working, is hard to do, you don't feel well or are sick, not getting what you want, you are not in peace or happy, worry and stress are part of your life, there's something inside you that needs attention to change what you are looking outside of yourself.

¿What are you looking for?

If money only leaves and doesn't come, or if it comes and leaves but doesn't stay... there is an energy leak.

If your relationships of love, work, friendship... are not working, there are complications, not commitment, you are giving more than you receive, you feel taken advantage of... there is fear and beliefs hidden that are not helping you.

Use the power of movement

When you move things outside, things inside move as well. While moving, organizing, letting go and harmonizing things in your space, the same thing happens inside you.

Move things in your place to get a new perspective in your space and life!

Let go of what you don't use anymore, of what is not working, clean and organize your space and your life!

Fix any leak of water or things not working, doors, drawers, windows, appliances... fix your space and your life!

When moving physical things in your space, use specific intentions for your life.

If you want to find a solution, make improvements in your life, work or relationships, find happiness, peace and harmony, book a session to Harmonize your space and your life!

Harmonize Session

Map of your space

Letting go and organizing system

Activation of the zones in your space

Clearing of toxic energy

Solutions y applications

Harmonizing your space and life

Suggestions and maintenance

Reach out for more information: leticia@yoursoultreasures.com

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Leticia Martínez Urrea

Intuitive Soul & Wellness Coach

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