Cleaning & Organizing

Your place, your home, your room, your fridge, your office... are a reflection of yourself! When everything is clean and organized in your place, you get clarity and order in your life.

If something is not working as you wish, like your relationships, your business, your finances, is time to clean and get things in order in your space!

"As inside, so outside"

The truth is that it's easy to get used to the things around you and think everything is fine just the way it is. But if something is not working for you in your health, relationships, work, money... is a sign that something must change.

If your place is messy, you might have an inner voice bugging you and saying that you should clear and get your space in order. This might be reflected in your life as not having clarity to know where to go or while making decisions. You also might have finances, health or diet all over the place.

If everything is "correct, in general" in your place, but there's something in your life that is not working, it's also a sign that you must create a change. There's something hidden that is out of place.

In your place it could show as things that are saved and you are not using, the file cabinet or stored boxes. They can be a reflection of old limiting beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward in life or it could mean something that you don't want or can't see.

Here are some tips:

  • Take pictures of every angle of your space. Open doors and drawers and take pictures as well!

  • Make a list of things you want to accomplish and another list of things you don't want anymore in your life.

  • Choose a space in your home to clean and organize. It might be the picture you just took that surprised you. Do the work by areas.

  • Review one thing by one and place in 4 different containers or bags with a label each saying: "Keep, Garbage, Donation or Give away, Not sure yet."

  • Do this in a quick manner, if there's something that makes you think twice, set it in the "Not sure yet" container. At the end review that container and make a decision if it stays or you can let it go.

  • Each time you place each thing in a container, think that it represents what doesn't work anymore in your life and it will open the space for the new to come.

  • Before you start organizing everything back in its place, clean thoroughly.

  • Organize things by type, season, color, size, etc.

Take it to a higher level!

The process of deep cleaning, letting go of what is not working or not in use and organizing is a profound process where there will be emotions involved and some kind of resistance. It might not be easy, but it's very liberating and transformative.

When doing this process with specific intentions and a professional guide, you enter in an energy flow that helps you have clarity and order in different situations and all life aspects: relationships, work or business, money, health and more.

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Leticia Martínez Urrea

Wellness & Business Coach

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