Mayan Cosmology

Discover your Mayan Signature and the 4 Mayan Archetypes around you that are available to assist you.

The Mayans are a very evolved civilization, great mathematicians, astrologers, architects and healers. They observed the movement of the stars and planets in connection with nature on Earth.


Their calendars are the most precise ever in history. Mayans see life through a different lens, a lens of love, art and synchronicity. When seeing through the Mayan lenses, you learn how to enter into a new dimension, leaving the density of the control matrix of the 3D.

Working with the Mayan wisdom, you can discover your strengths, challenges, guide, what is hidden from you and your support. 

When connecting with your unique energy, the Mayan archetypes and working with your own natural cycles, you make the transition to the new energy frequencies of the Earth, enter in the new paradigm and get in a better flow and synchronicity in your life.

You will learn and discover:


  • The concept of the constant present 

  • Why you are here for

  • Your Soul gifts

  • Your Soul purpose

  • Your Mayan signature 

  • The 4 support energies available for you 

  • How to step out of the control Matrix 

  • How to enter in the new Matrix of love, art and synchronicity

  • See from the lenses of Mayan wisdom

1:30 hrs. Online Private Session on Zoom