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Discover how to expand your business based on your passion, your essence and what inspires you the most, so that you can have more ideal clients and an increased income, without working too much to attract new clients constantly.


Even if you have a small online community or a larger database, by joining Raising The Vibration Center, you can grow your business in 3 months or less, inside a community of professionals that support each other, attracting ideal clients, and getting effective business solutions and support if you would need it!

Let's Join Forces!

You shouldn’t be working alone anymore!

To own a thriving online business, you need 2 specific things:

  1. A well designed business strategic plan based on your goals and your essence and

  2. Create a faster growing community 


A wiser strategy is to work in UNION and COLLABORATION inside a group of conscious professionals, all in the same place, all attracting and bringing their own communities so that all grow together with a well designed business strategy.


This new ERA is all about CONNECTING and NETWORKING!

Join Raising The Vibration Center, inside a COMMUNITY of conscious professionals, plus, get all the business SUPPORT and SOLUTIONS so that you can help those that are awaiting your services! 

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RTVC your new business HOME

Raising The Vibration Center is an online community where conscious professionals offer their services. Here you will find business support, tools, and networks to help you create a thriving, meaning-driven business model. 


When you join our community, we provide:


Business Solutions 

  • A personalized professional website (if you don't own one or need an upgrade) 

  • A monthly plan with your business strategy 

  • Access to your booking calendar & payments

  • Tech support for your classes, workshops as needed

  • One on one guidance on basic tool implementation 


**Business support is optional for those needing business solutions


  • Free ad placement on our monthly RTVC newsletter

  • Free podcast interviews

  • Networking with other professionals

  • Monthly online community events


  • Master Classes aligned with your business, mindset and essence

    • How to structure your online sessions

    • Attracting your ideal clients 

    • Planning a launch strategy

    • Working wiser vs. harder

    • Valuing yourself so your clients can value your services

    • Working from your essence and Soul purpose 

    • Your working space is your sacred space 

    • Creating a professional and beautiful background for your sessions, teachings, webinars...

    • ...More!