The Consciousness


Shaping Your Own Reality

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Enter The Portal


 Very powerful tools that are already in you! 

Learn how to integrate the New Light Codes in your DNA 



It's time to let go of the struggles, fears and blockages


 Working alone is not easy

Get personalized training and guide for your

inner work

The Consciousness Portal

A powerful training program designed to help you expand into 5D consciousness!

Not only will you be able to live a new reality in alignment with your essence...

You will also release the old blocked energy and karma to activate your new light codes and Divine tools to speed up your transformation and evolution!

Discover ways that open a new vision of your reality... if you are visualizing another reality is because you are ready to change!

Reconnect with your Divine tools available to you 

Learn to connect and communicate with your Spiritual Team

Start living in the correct flow and synchronicity that will impact 

your life, health, business and relationships  

Entering the consciousness portal

will help you


Release limiting beliefs, karma and old patterns and open the flow of energy to impact every aspect of your being.

Upgrade your mindset and connect with your heart-mind to shift from 3D to 5D.

Tap into your Soul essence through the Akashic field,

the Mayan's wisdom and your Divine and unique self-expression.

Discover how to work at a Quantum level by shifting your vibrational frequency.

Learn to decipher the messages hidden in the Universal codes that are in nature, the Angels, your Spirit Guides.

Connect with your body as your sacred temple of light to understand the signals that are constantly sent to you, to heal and better your life experience.

Open the flow of communication with your inner guidance and wisdom to connect with your Divine Team - Spiritual Guides, Higher Self, your Divinity.

Allow the activation and integration of the new light codes and the new information in your system.

Work in alignment with your essence and Universal laws to ease your process and make it joyful and magical. 


Here Is What We Will Cover In The 3 Month Program


Week 1 

Akashic Records Soul Activation and Intention

  • 2 hour session

  • We will review your intention, where you are and where you want to be

  • On your Akashic Records we will see your Soul Profile and release the blockages and restrictions present to open the flow of energy

  • We will create a plan for choices and steps 

Week 2, 3, 4; 6, 7, 8; 10, 11 

Learning, Implementing and Integrating

  • Check in by email

  • Review plan of choices and steps

  • Review your progress

  • You will get access to learning tools every week

    • Master classes 

    • Audios 

    • Meditations

    • PDFs

Week 5 & 9 

Reviewing Your Progress

  • A 60-min. session on weeks 5 and 9

  • We will discover your Mayan Identities and Galactic Energies 

  • Check your advancements

  • Grounding Ritual

Week 12


  • A 45 min. session 

  • We will review your progress and what's next in your life 

  • Closing meditation

This Program Is For You If

You are struggling with a situation and ready to go deep and let go of the old karma that is stopping you to move forward in your life
You want to fast-track your spiritual transformation and avoid stronger lessons and messages
You are open to living in a world of union, love, joy and harmony
You want to learn how to use your Divine tools and enter in a magical way of living
You want to connect with your essence at a Soul level and discover your purpose in life
You feel that there's something more than the apparent, that there must be a better, joyful and easier way to live in this lifetime
You feel that something is changing and you want answers that you can trust
You want to expand your consciousness and live in the new planetary perspective

"Working with Lety, I have learned so much about myself which has brought clarity, confidence and a sense of peace."

"Learning more about who I really am, what my gifts/talents are, and the challenges, it has given me insight to be who I am from a place of truth and acceptance. I have found I am more compassionate with myself and accept and forgive myself much quicker when I make myself wrong for whatever reason. It has also given me courage and wisdom to move forward to be all of who I am meant to be."

Bonnie Raniewicz, NY 

Your Investment

$444 US

Or 3 Monthly Payments Of

$188 US

Lety Martínez


Lety is an Intuitive Soul & Business Mentor.

The first time Lety was aware of her Spirit Guides and Angels was when she was still in her crib and started choking while grabbing her blanket and started sucking into it. Before her mom could realize, her body started to get cold. That's when Lety started seeing a group of Light Beings around her crib. Grandma got home just in time to get Lety out of her crib and she started to come back into her body.

Since then, Lety made a connection with her Guides and Angels and became aware of other realms that are interacting with this reality. But back during her childhood, the unseen world was not understood or accepted, specially by Catholicism, so she blocked part of her abilities.

She learned to see the world from an achiever's mind. Being a perfectionist and owning and managing a top 500 franchise was the way of the hard-left-brain of logic and reason of being successful when she opened 10 franchises, trained and certified over 500 new franchisees and managed business owners for over 25 years.

It was until later in her late 30’s when she woke up one day with a facial paralysis that made a breakthrough to reconnect with her purpose and her divine gifts got reactivated. The veils of the 3D Matrix started to fall away and she reinstated the contact with her team of Light Beings and the Akashic Records.

She teaches people around the world how to reconnect with their essence and life purpose. It's not necessary to go through an intense situation in life to reactivate and reconnect with your Divine Essence, we all have access to our Soul. By becoming more self aware, releasing old karma and limiting beliefs, paying attention to the subtleties in our daily lives and what's around, by raising the vibration and listening to our intuition, anyone can live a fulfilled life!