Akashic Records

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Akashic Activation

If you feel there is something in your life that is stuck, wanting to make a change, feeling confused, troubled, not able to make decisions, uncertain...

Unblock your energy and allow the flow to enter in all aspects of your life. 


If you keep attracting the same toxic situations, relationships, health issues...

Dissolve repetitive patterns that prevent you from moving forward.


You are in this incarnation to fulfill a purpose. Discovering who you are at Soul level helps you to be in alignment with your life purpose... 

Discover the characteristics of your essence and your Soul group.


21 Day Program

The program includes:

  • Prep time before your session to open your Akashic Records

  • 1:30 hr. online session (you'll get the recording after the session)

  • 2 - 30min. follow up sessions during your 21 days

  • 21-day inner work for energy transmutation

  • Soul, Light Codes and DNA Activation 

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