3 Aspects of Yourself in Coherence

JANUARY  3, 2021  by Lety

Do you find yourself sometimes wanting something and even if you try one way or another, it doesn’t manifest? 


In this episode I will talk about:

  1. What is coherence? 

  2. 3 main aspects in which you should be in coherence

  3. How can the movement be

  4. At the end I’ll give you 3 tips that you can do to be in coherence

Coherence from the Latin - Coherentia

Co - Union, together

Herentia - Heritance

Means sticking together in connection, harmony, consistency.

It also means being in connection, harmony and consistency in your essence.

The 3 main aspects you should be in coherence are your thoughts, emotions and actions or what you think, feel and do must be in coherence.

There are many ways to move, but for the purpose of coherence, you can move in non ending circles or you can be focused with a direction where to go.

When going in circles you are in a routine on automatic pilot. 

When you move in a direction with focus, it’s easier to get in alignment the 3 aspects of your being, and then, the 3 aspects become one and you get what you want!

3 Tips

  1. Paying attention, observing yourself, becoming self aware - in what is happening between your thoughts, emotions and actions. If you caught yourself thinking something and feeling another thing not in coherence. Change what you think, feel or do. 

  2. Being in the here and now - completely present. When you see something that doesn’t resonate, question yourself - Is this what I really want? 

  3. Getting out of your comfort zone! Question yourself: what is the comfort zone that I don’t want to step out of? Getting out of the comfort zone is not easy, otherwise you would have done it and you’ve already achieved what you wanted! If you really want something badly, find your comfort zone and step out of it! 

When you find coherence at the level of your essence, by being in harmony in the 3 aspects: physical, emotional and mental, everything you think, feel and do get in alignment as a whole and the flow of energy opens, raising your consciousness and your life experience changes for the better in alignment with your highest good!