Why Your Vibration Is So Important

DECEMBER 8, 2020  by Lety

Your vibration is energy that activates Universal Laws and other Quantum fields, and you have the power to manage it in a wiser way to live a better life!

In this episode I talk about:

  • What is vibration

  • What happens when your vibration is low

  • The power of vibration

  • Signs to know that you are in a low or high vibration

Based on that everything is energy, the breath, the furniture, the tree, you, the animals, the fire, the air, your emotions and thoughts, then, in the structure of reality, everything begins with a vibration that is vibrating at different frequencies that then become moving waves and this creates the energy.


Therefore, vibration creates energy. Everything in the universe is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies and everything vibrates at the quantum level.

The Scale of Consciousness by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, represents logarithmic calibrations of human consciousness and its corresponding level of reality.


In the map you can see how some of the vibrations that expand the consciousness as love, joy and peace are on the highest scale and emotions as guilt, grief and fear have a lower vibration where the consciousness contracts.


The vibration is very powerful, the vibration in which you are, is  the vibration that you attract! This has to do with the Law of Attraction. 

Your thoughts, ideas, emotions, situations, circumstances in which you are focused attract whatever that is in the same vibration. That is why if you are in a high or low vibration, you attract the same to your life.

These are signs that you may be in a low vibration: feeling tired, exhausted, angry, sad, sorry, embarrassed, proud, afraid, sick, apathetic, disappointed, stressed, saturated, blocked, stuck, confused, in scarcity, jealous, envious, square in fixed ideas, without peace, overwhelmed, hopeless.


These are some ways to lower your vibration and it's not bad, but remember, the bad thing is when you stay in some of these states for a long time.


In general, when you feel inspired, excited, loving, kind, grateful, healthy, happy, content, with new ideas, joyful, fun, at peace, with courage to move forward, empowered, creative, open to new perspectives and possibilities, it is an indicator that you are in a high vibration. 

In the end, EVERYTHING, whether your vibration is high or low, both are helping you in your life experience, it is up to you if you choose to spend more time in one than in the other.

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