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We are a group of creatives, light workers, healers, mentors, artists, writers, channels of light, astrologers, nutritionists, therapists... joined in a Conscious Community of Professionals to assist people in their journey of Personal Growth, Spirituality, Wellness & Transformation.  ​​​

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High vibrational services from trusted professionals!

At our Center the main focus is to provide a unique blend of high vibrational services from trusted professionals to contribute in the awakening of an expanded consciousness on the planet.

Some of Our Modalities Include:

Soul Realignment, Akashic Records, High Consciousness Channeling, Transformational Energy Healing, Story Telling & Writing, Building Your Soul Business, Light Worker's Training,  Breathwork, Meditation, Functional Nutrition, Body & Soul Connection, Art & Creativity, Reiki, Angelic & Spirit Guides Connection, Family Constellations, Archetypes and more!

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Meet Our Community
Of Conscious Professionals

She teaches people to reconnect with their essence through Akashic Records, Mayan Cosmology, Human Design and Gene Keys. Discover a deep understanding of your energy to get in alignment and harmony in life and business.

Anita Eubank
Telepathic Counselor and
Energy Healer

Monica leads healing sessions for individuals and groups. She uses Family Constellations and Archetype Readings, and she is a Waldorf mentor for parents and teachers in early childhood education. 

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Darlene Sochin
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Mentor & Animal Communicator

She works with lightworkers and Spirit-preneurs with her Fountain of Colour Empowerment method.

Devorah Spilman
Master Storyteller and
Intuitive Coach

She guides people to cultivate self awareness by tuning into body, mind and spirit to receive messages and actions to open the path of health and well-being.

Lety Martinez
Intuitive Soul Guide and
Conscious Business Mentor

Anita serves people by being a vessel for Higher Frequencies of Light and a channel for messages from Higher Consciousness. Tuning into their “Soul Friend”, Anita guides individuals to find inner balance, harmony, and health.

Monica Martinez Urrea
Family Constellations and Archetypes Practitioner

Darlene offers "Soul Reunions" where she includes Reiki and Akashic Records, for people and their pets, and helps Healers to expand their gifts and business.

FB_IMG_1555451096093 - darlene
Anja Schwarz
Spiritual Health Care Practitioner and Transformational Energy Seer

She helps writers, creatives and entrepreneurs to find the clarity and confidence to tell their deep, authentic story, to live their purpose and transform their lives.

Devorah 1.jpg
Ashley Brunette
Self Esteem Coach, Personal Trainer and Power Medicine Woman
Ati Sundari
Movement Coach and
Intuitive Massage Therapist

Ati creates a communication with the body and through the body starts the conversation, the healing and the wellbeing. 


Leo is a conduit of High Frequencies of Light. His energetic healing method  brings peace, DNA activation, harmony and messages from your Higher Self and Spiritual Guides.  

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Leo Padilla
Angelic Reiki Healer
Oceana Joos
Artemisa Natural Products
Wellness & Personal Care


Oceana is the founder of Artemisa. She discovered the magnificent healing root called Chilcuague, which gave fruition to her passion for studying deeper into Herbalism and its essential benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual health of the human body.